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 Luna Moon's Story: Under The Moonlight

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PostSubject: Luna Moon's Story: Under The Moonlight   Sun Jun 27, 2010 2:42 am

Nothing felt right. Everything is dark. Death is coming. I could feel it. Then, I was pulled away from death. The darkness faded slightly. I could hear voices.
"Luna...Luna." It was Cameron.
"Luna, can you hear me?" Charleen too.
I opened my eyes.
"What happened" I asked
"You got knocked out." Charleen told me.
"Did we win?"
"Yes, the other vampires are dead. The rest of our side left ages ago." Cameron said to me quietly.
"Well, we better go too."
"Luna, you need to hunt. You look kinda weak at the moment." Charleen said to me. I felt weak.
"Ok." I managed to get up, and ran further into the forest. I loved the speed. I caught the scent of Deer, and stopped. I crouched down, ready to hunt. I could see the Deer right up ahead. I breathed in. Their blood smelled fresh. I pounced on a Stag, and bit into its neck. It was werid that humans thought that us vampires has fangs, because we don't.
The blood soothed my throat. it was good to have blood again. I hadn't hunted for over a week.
I killed another Stag, and fed on its blood, then ran back to Cameron and Charleen.
"I have hunted now." I said to them.
"Uh, Luna, you have blood in your hair." Charleen told me. In the pitch black of night, a normal human would not have been able to see the blood in my black hair.
I wiped away the blood. My skin looked pale under the moonlight. My eyes were blue.
Charleen has Blond hair, and light gray eyes. She is mates with Cameron, who has Light brown hair, and green eyes.
"Come on, are we going home then?" I asked, then ran back through the forest. Cameron and Charleen caught up after me.
We stopped outside a huge house. It was expensive looking, but it was our home. It had always been mine and Charleen's home. Back in 1847, he used to live here. Our parents were rich, and our Dad was popular for his discoveries. Our home used to be one of the most well known houses in Snow Hill. He found out about vampires, and was also killed by one. Cameron was one of the attacking Vampires, but he didn't want to kill. He saw me and Charleen, out of the way and scared. He told us "I can give you freedom". We chose it, knowing the only other answer was death. He has kept us safe over the years, and he and Charleen became close.
We walked into the house, and into the kitchen. I was feeling kind of tired now.
"Luna, I think you should turn in for the night." Cameron said to me. He could read minds.
It was only earl night, but a good idea.
"Ok, night guys."
"Night." They both said.
I ran up the staircase, and to my room. It was modern now. I had a large king size bed, wide screen TV, Laptop, I - Phone.

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PostSubject: Re: Luna Moon's Story: Under The Moonlight   Sun Jun 27, 2010 9:49 pm

I like it so far. Cant wait to read more and see what happens.


Deadly Love ~ Sister!
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Luna Moon's Story: Under The Moonlight
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