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 Skye's poems ;D

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Bored at School

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PostSubject: Skye's poems ;D   Tue Aug 17, 2010 12:33 am

Well, I'm gonna move all my poems from the HoN site to here. Enjoy? =D

No Longer Waiting
I remember being 5
And sitting on my porch
Just waiting for you to come around
I waited hours
But you never showed
I'd go inside and everyone would know
They'd all be sympathetic
But they didn't understand
How you made me feel inside
Like I wasn't meant to even be alive
So I'd run to my room and cry
Not like you even cared
You never even showed your face again

Then you called me at 9
And I was so surprised
I thought you were clean
But you were still a mess
All you did was make me stress
You left me again
When all I needed was a friend
I didn't ask much of you mom
I never asked you to sing me a song
To put me to bed
Or to give me a place to rest my head
I just wanted to know you cared
Well I guess you've made your point very clear
So next time you come around
Just know I won't be here

Haunting Nightmares
When I lie awake at night
I try not to scream in fright
Cause if I fall asleep
I might fall too deep
And I will see you again
But you are no longer a friend
You haunt me everyday
Now all I can do is pray
That tonight you won't be in my head
So I can go to bed

The Darkness captured me
For I fear
It will never set me free

I've fallen far beyond the eye can see
I didn't even shed a single tear
The Darkness captured me

I felt like the dirt beneath a tree
The truth in it's eyes told me what I could not see,
It will never set me free

It was so scary I couldn't even begin to explain to thee
The terrible sights never appeared to only be mere
The Darkness captured me

Everything was bliss and I felt so free
I fell so hard I didn't fear
It will never set me free

Now I am fighting to break free
Though I will never escape, my dear
The Darkness captured me
It will never set me free

The Real Me
Everday is just an act
A show put on so you can note all the fake facts
This show has gone on far too long
It's time for me to end this song
So I tell you who I am
And now you treat me like I'm ten
I went back to being a fake
Now that me you seem to take
I don't understand you
You tell me to just be me
But how can I do that
When the real me
Will never be
The me you see

Your lies
Have everyone hypnotized
So when the truth comes out
Everybody doubts
Is this what our world's come to?
People being fakes through and through?

The liars have corrupted us
Making everyone lose all their trust
Well I hope your happy now
You wear the crown
So now it's time to pick a side
Are you the truth or just a lie?

Never Forgotten
People walk and talk with such happy lives
Can't I smile such a sweet smile?
Can't I laugh such a care free laugh?
But I can't, not anymore
I wish I could go back to the way things used to be
Before I began to hate myself
And before I took that scissor to my wrist

When I see the scars upon my wrist
I think not of what put them there
But that I just want to forget them
Forget why I felt the way I did
Forget why I ever did such a stupid thing

Now I know I can never forget
Things that are permanantly planted on your skin
Are there to be remembered
Things that have faded
Were meant to be forgotten

I am who I am because of those sad scars
Now I can never forget
Forget who I am
Forget who I was
Forget what I went through
Never again will I look at these scars and wish to forget
Now I will look at them and smile
Smile because they will never let me forget

Drop of a Dime
Today is just another night
In my sad pathetic life
Every morning starts out fine
But then things crash at the drop of a dime
And every night I'm in my room
Looking at pictures of you
And remembering what we've been through
The nights we stayed up talking
Or the stories that were all so shocking
Man do I miss those days
But now my life is just crazed
I wish you never had to go
But I guess it was time for you to end your show
That phone call ruined my life
I didn't want to go another night,
With out you by my side
But I guess we were just along for the ride
Because the world has forgotten you
And everything that you used to do
And this endless sea of time
Continues at the drop of a dime

Our song plays in my head
And now I just want to go to bed
My head hurts from crying over you
And I wonder if you miss me too
The days have gone by slow now that I'm alone
I want to talk to you, I wish you had a phone
But there's no phone where you went
You were either heaven or hell sent
And no matter how alone I feel
I've just got to real
I'll never feel your prescense again
No one can make me feel better, not even a friend
And now that your gone
It's time for me to end my song
So the next time someone's see's me
I'll be free
Free from this pain
Taking a train
Straight to you

I love you
Don't you love me too?
This sad song keeps playing in my head
And it reminds me of you
And everything you used to do
You were my prince charming
My knight in shining armor
But now your gone
And I can't tell you
What I've been meaning to
I can never say those three words
Then have you whisk me away
So I'll know that your here to stay
Never will I know if you love me too
I guess sometimes fairytales never do come true

I saw how fast someone's life can be taken away
And how fast people forget what they used to do
To the point where memorys are just faded pictures
And everything that they'd been through
Was just another movie featuring you
Memories are everything we hold dear
I'm done living in fear
Of this happening to me
I just want to be free
So I'm going out today
Just to hang around and play
To make the best memories
And write my initials on trees
Because the truth is
We can all just act like kids
So no one will live in sorrow
When they're not promised tomorrow

True Love?
When you look into my eyes
Do you see the truth or just another lie?
Can you see what lies behind this shallow body?
In a sea of memories and pity lies me
The real me, and the me only you can see
No one's ever seen what lies behind these deep hazel eyes
No matter what I shot down all their trys
But you're different
The first man who ever cared
The first one ever there
When I needed you to be
And guess what
Now that you can see the real me
I just need to let this free
I love you
Do you love me too?

How can you hold someone dear
And tell them they have nothing to fear
When there's a whole world of people out there
That will kill anyone and just not care
So when I tell you a lie
Just know it's the only way I can try
To keep you safe and by my side
With out making you run and hide
From everything that's out there
Sometimes the truth is just too hard to bare
Now, listen to me when I tell you
That there is nothing to fear for us two

Time just flys by
And we can all try
To slow it down
But it wears the crown
So no matter what we do
Time will always stay true
And never go back
Because it has to keep track
Of everything we used to do
And everything that makes you, you
So stop complaining that time moves too fast
Because that's saying you just want to live in the past
Time says the past will never be relived
And time, has never told a fib

The Game
We play the same game everyday
But here's a little secret about this game we play
It's no black and white card game
And in the end, there's no winner to claim the fame
There's only hardships and restless nights
From everyday ending in messy fights
The next morning it's time to clean up the mess
And all this fighting is making me stress
I don't know if I can take this anymore
Sometimes I don't even remember what I'm here for
Then I think back and remember I'm here for you
And when I look in your eyes I know your here for me too
Then I know I can never leave
So I guess I better have some new tricks up my sleeve
Because tonight the game begins again
And I'm afraid it will never end

I can look back on last year
And remember all the things I held dear
All the things I used to dread
And everyone that used to be my friend
But that stuff was all last year
And now everything I used to fear
It all just seems so stupid and little
And now my heart is no longer so brittle
So I don't look back on what happened yesterday
Now I just pray
That I will see yet another day

Comments? =D
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Amanda Salvatore
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PostSubject: Re: Skye's poems ;D   Tue Aug 17, 2010 5:02 am

I like them. They're good. xD


Deadly Love ~ Sister!
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PostSubject: Re: Skye's poems ;D   Tue Aug 17, 2010 5:59 am

Yes Skye, we all love you and your poems.


Shattered Beatuy is my sissy!

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Bored at School

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Age : 21
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PostSubject: Re: Skye's poems ;D   Wed Aug 18, 2010 12:16 am

xD Yay! x3
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PostSubject: Re: Skye's poems ;D   

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Skye's poems ;D
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