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 HON ~ Montreal

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Head Admin/High Priestess of Water

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Age : 28
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Character sheet
Name: Karena Drako
Age: 219
Special Powers/Abilities: Can use all the elements and mind control

PostSubject: HON ~ Montreal   Sat Jun 19, 2010 6:56 pm

HON Rp...you know the drill...

Pretty much a HON RP. Join if you want haha

Name: Karena Drako
Age: 18
Fledgling, 5th Former
Powers/Affinities: Telekinesis/Telepathy
Bio: An outcast at school for always believing in Nyx she believed that the day she was Marked was the day she had been blessed b the Goddess.

Name: Cale Drako
Age: 18
Fledgling, 5th Former
Powers/Affinities: Spirit and Visions
Bio: An outcast at school just because his sister had been Marked he never had any friends. He doesn't know how to be near girls and is a little shy around them, but is a gentleman.
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Emo Kitty
Site Owner/High Priestess of Spirit

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Character sheet
Name: Lia Hale
Age: 17
Special Powers/Abilities: Fire, Air, Spirit

PostSubject: Re: HON ~ Montreal   Mon Jun 21, 2010 3:50 pm

Name: Luna
Age: 16
Fledgling: 3rd
Affinities: Fire, Water, Spirit
Bio: Was marked after a tragic past. Is glad to be at the HoN.

Spirit completes us
It is our final element
Leit it be within us
Look into your heart
Spirit is within

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HON ~ Montreal
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